View tattoos here.

I take walk-ins every Monday at Old Crow Tattoo from 12pm - 7pm.

362 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

 This is generally the only time and place I tattoo. I do not take appointments.

There will be a sign up sheet available for anyone who wants a tattoo. I usually tattoo 5-8 people depending on the designs chosen. Some days my list fills up early, some days are slower.

If there’s a wait, you’re free to leave the shop and you’ll receive a text when your turn is coming up.

Not everyone who shows up is guaranteed to get a spot. I do what I can from noon until 7pm. Usually, if you show up when we open or a little early, you’ll get tattooed. Occasionally you can show up later in the day. You can always call the shop to check availability.

(510) 834-2769

You can choose from over 500 of my tattoo designs. This includes all my usual themes and lots more. I regularly add new designs.

I like drawing designs directly on the skin “freehand”. Sometimes I can combine or change designs this way. This is most useful for getting a design to fit well.

I don’t do any custom designing or tattooing.

The only way to view available designs is by stopping by on a Monday and flipping through the book. There’s no pressure to get tattooed if you just want to come see what’s available.


The majority of my tattoos cost about $150. I have a minimum of $100, nothing is over $350.

I try to be flexible for lower income folks. You can always ask.

I aim to provide a completely comfortable tattoo experience. If you’re ever uncomfortable for any reason during the process, you can let me know immediately and we’ll make it right.

I’m a weirdo. I support the weirdos.

Ask questions! I’m happy to talk to y’all.

I try to answer all respectable DMs and emails. If you don’t get a response from me within a few days, try again.

I do not take tattooing very seriously.

I believe the therapeutic ritual of receiving a tattoo is often more valuable than wearing a tattoo.

I believe in peace above all.

I’m super grateful for your interest and support.